BRS Physiology – 7th edition

BRS Physiology – 7th edition

A concise outline format and bolded key terms enable efficient review and exam preparation.
Discussions of clinical disorders, integrated throughout the text, correlate physiology concepts to the practice of medicine.

Chapter overviews and summaries offer a quick introduction and review of key topics and information, to maximize study time.

More than 350 multiple-choice questions and answers, many of them new and revised, help students prepare for course and board exams. These include many new multi-part questions that challenge students’ decision-making skills.

Detailed answers and explanations for every question, cross-referenced back to the text, allow students to remediate weak areas of knowledge.

130 outstanding full-color figures and flow diagrams and 50 tables, many of them new, allow for efficient assimilation of complex information, and are included in the instructor Image Bank on ThePoint.

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