Harrison’s Endocrinology – 4th edition

Harrison’s Endocrinology – 4th edition

Featuring a superb compilation of chapters related to endocrinology derived from Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Nineteenth Edition (including content from the acclaimed Harrison’s DVD, now available here in print), this concise, full-color clinical companion delivers the latest knowledge in the field backed by the scientific rigor and authority that have defined Harrison’s.

You will find 36 chapters from 50 renowned editors and contributors in a carry-anywhere presentation that is ideal for the classroom, clinic, ward, or exam/certification preparation.

Divided into six sections that reflect the physiologic roots of endocrinology: Introduction to Endocrinology; Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenal Disorders; Reproductive Endocrinology; Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Lipoprotein Metabolism; Disorders Affecting Multiple Endocrine Systems; and Disorders of Bone and Calcium Metabolism

Coverage of discoveries emanating from genetics and molecular biology, along with the latest drugs that are transforming the field
Integration of pathophysiology with clinical management

High-yield board review questions make this text ideal for keeping current or preparing for the boards
Valuable appendix of laboratory values of clinical importance

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