Pocket Notebook: ICU

Pocket Notebook

Pocket Notebook: ICU. Part of the popular Pocket Notebook Series, Pocket ICU, Second Edition provides concise, evidence-based information for critical care students, interns, residents, and professionals at all levels of experience. Now fully revised and up to date, this portable handbook can be used for quick, easy reference both in the wards and in the operating room.

Provides fast access to the most relevant, evidence-based information in every area of critical care, including adult and pediatric critical care, neuro-critical care, cardiac critical care, and transplant, burn, and neonatal critical care. Includes a new chapter, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Ventricular Assist Devices

Addresses special considerations for obese patients and older adults with critical illness Features an improved table of contents and index for faster access to essential information. Includes current contributions from leading critical care experts, as well as the most recent evidence available in the field. Uses a reader-friendly, bulleted outline format with numerous tables and diagrams throughout.

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