Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry – 2nd edition

Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry – 2nd edition

The best selling Biochemistry book with questions upto Jan 2016 exams.
Based on facts and concepts from the latest edition of Harrsion 19th edition, Lehninger 6th edition, Harper 30th edition, Lippincott 6th edition, Emery 14th edition, Teitz 7th edition and CMDT 2016 and Vaudevan 7th edition.

Enriched with image-based questions and colourful figures for the better understanding of facts.
Covers 95% of questions asked in various exams of 2015.
Chapter-wise divided, concept-oriented study with references.
Student-friendly edition edited by a panel of students.
Chapter reviews based on Harper 30th and Lehninger 6th and Robbins 9th.
Clinically correlated with facts from Harrison 19th, Nelson 20th and CMDT 2016.
Mnemonics and charts for easy recollection.
Sold over 10,000 copies of first edition.
Online support for learning and clarifications.
Highly recommended by toppers of all PGMEE.

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